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We show, never tell. We work with you to find where you belong in the SF Bay Area. We’ll educate, prepare and guide you through the entire process.


Our team does the work behind the scenes so that you are well-positioned to apply on tour day, all with minimal disruption to your daily routine.


We value technology and leverage it to simplify the home finding process.


We are your advocates. Our rental agents never accept fees or commission from property managers, landlords or brokers.

Our unique formula

all home finding packages include

  • Pre-Move Consultation
    We’ll get to know you through a thorough intake process, beginning with our questionnaire. This step gives us an idea of your budget and housing needs. We’ll educate you on current Bay Area market prices and trends.
  • Continuous Market Research
    Unlike other agencies, we're the only company who searches the market every day and works with you until tour day.
  • Rental Resume Assistance
    Our team will help you craft a Rental Resume, which includes a renter biography, application, and supporting documents, to help you stand out from the crowd and land your rental of choice in a competitive housing market.
  • Lease Review
    Once your rental application has been accepted by the landlord, our licensed real estate agents will review the lease terms and highlight anything unusual and help you navigate the process.
  • Welcome Pack
    We’ll provide you with forms, links, and pdfs of vital applications and documents necessary for your relocation. We’ll consult with you and provide advice on filling out and submitting the forms properly.

Our blend of relocation experience, rental homefinding, and real estate expertise helps you to:

Save time & money.

We help you understand the rental market so you avoid costly pitfalls, and work on your behalf to find rental listings and schedule viewings while you eat, work, and sleep.

Be prepared. 

With our help, our clients are better equipped to navigate the hyper-fast, complex, and competitive SF rental market.

Have peace of mind. 

Whether you're halfway across the world or moving across towns, your move is in good hands. Think of us as your extra set of eyes and ears. Not only will we help you find the right rental, we'll help you gather the necessary documents, obtain government registrations, find schools, and so much more.

Our clients come
from all walks of life.


Busy professionals who cannot take weeks to research and visit every rental listing.


Professionals and families relocating globally who need local, on-the-ground support.

Frustrated house hunters who have spent months competing in a challenging rental market without success.


Families with school-aged children,  who wish to place their kids in a school that is best-suited for them and who wish to understand the differences between private and public schools, lotteries, and placement processes.


Anyone who is moving to the San Francisco Bay Area for the first time, and wishes to find the community most suited to their needs.


For anyone who has any hesitation in dealing with property owners, management companies, real estate agents, and who needs support in navigating the sometimes complex leasing terms.

Newcomers to the states who need extra support obtaining all the government documents and necessities to get settled.

Potential college enrollees on college tours, newly accepted college students, sophomore college students leaving their dorms, and grad students (and their families) who wish to have assurance of their new community's safety, have help navigating rent leases, tour potential neighborhoods for off-campus housing, and general peace of mind.

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