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"Without Lisa and her knowledge of moving to the Bay Area I would have been completely lost. Everything was so easy, from finding a place to live to dealing with the DMV. Nothing was too much trouble and even months after settling in she was still in touch making sure I had everything I needed. She constantly went beyond what I was expecting of her and I couldn't recommend her enough!"

- Chester C.

San Francisco, CA


"We moved from Colombia to the US (Bay area) because of my work. We didn't know anything about how things work in US, but Lisa gave us important information about almost every aspect that we would have to keep in mind before the trip. We arrived, and Lisa took advantage of every day, and covered every detail to be sure that our relocation would be as smooth as possible. Lisa did a great work, always looking for the best options for our family. We learnt a lot about the bay area during our errands. Lisa is able to get everything you need when moving to the bay area, and believe me when I say Everything! We needed a lot of things: house, SSN, bank account, car, car loan, preschool, furniture, groceries, and many other things a family could need. Also she will be able to solve every awkward situation, or at least give the best advice about it. Lisa is very sensitive about all family members (covering all needs and desires from all of us, especially my wife) and will make you feel welcome from the first moment. If you choose Lisa as your relocation specialist you will be in the best hands you can."

- Camilo S.

Redwood City, CA



"We had to move from NY to the San Francisco area because my husband changed his job. His new company would not cover the moving expense so we wanted to do the process with as little work and expense as possible. We have two kids, one going to middle and the other going to elementary school and our priority as for our new place was to be commutable to SF and to be situated in a good school district. The target area was quickly narrowed down to Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda (called Lamorinda area which is a very tight market for rent) because the school ranking is one of the highest in California. We needed to find a place to rent within a limited time. Through a friend who herself also moved to Lamorinda, I was referred to Lisa who specializes in Lamorinda area relocation services.


I decided to visit the area for 3 days to find a place for rental. Lisa came to pick me up at the Lafayette BART train station and drove me to a few rental places she had picked out considering my requirements for my rental. Not only did she take me to to see houses but she also showed me around the area such as the community center, parks and library which gave me a great deal of insight on what the area looks like and what it is like to get around the neighbourhood. Lisa made all the phone calls for viewing appointments and even was able to reach landlords who were hard to get hold of. By the 2nd day I found a place I liked and she drove me to a coffee shop right after the viewing so that I could fill out the papers for renting and drove me back to the place to hand them in so I was able to get just the home I wanted!


I actually had booked her for 3 days but we did not have to use the 3rd day so she only charged me for the actual hours she assisted me and for the research time she did before I came to visit.  I would have not being able to go though this relocation process this easily if I hadn't had Lisa's help."

- Yuri Y.

Lafayette, CA


"When I was accepted to grad school at UC Berkeley, I had to move from Northern CA with my family to the Berkeley area to be close to campus. Since we didn’t live that far away, I thought it would be fairly easy to find a place. However, after three months of driving down to Berkeley on weekends, going to more than 20 open houses and filling out 17 applications I had nowhere to live when school started and I needed a place … fast!


A good friend suggested I contact Lisa to help me find a place, and I was skeptical since the rental market seemed so impossible but I was desperate. Lisa spoke to me on the phone about my requirements and ideal home and scheduled appointments for many listings in one weekend. In one weekend, Lisa found us two rentals we actually liked, applied to and were offered after months of searching on our own with no success.


The home we ended up in (just in time for school!) had a backyard for my son to play in, a garage/workshop for my husband to operate his woodworking business out of, and the biggest miracle of all--it was affordable! I highly recommend Lisa’s services to anyone who is trying to find somewhere to live in the Bay Area. She is a great coordinator, really persistent and understands and is connected to the rental market in a way that is really invaluable."

-Sukey L.

Berkeley, CA


"Lisa helped my family to find the right fit to our needs in accordance with our criteria which was not an easy task when changing continents! She relentlessly searched for the solution and adapted to last minute changes without a hint of discomfort. Her deep knowledge of SF and the Bay area was primary in making the right choice. Always cool and with a smile, working with Lisa made relocation feel like leisure cruise. House, schools, neighborhoods, paperwork,...she's got you covered - Great Job!"

- Mark C.

Tiburon, CA



"I had the pleasure of working with Lisa when I relocated to California from London, and she was incredibly helpful and well organized - ensuring that I had a smooth transition. She covered every detail from getting my SSN through to arranging my driving test, and helping me to explore potential neighborhoods to live in. 


I found her local knowledge invaluable; she knows every possible pitfall, and helped me to avoid all of them… 


Lisa is great to work with, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her!"

- Marcus E.

San Francisco, CA



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