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For incoming freshmen, sophomores transitioning to off-campus housing, or grad students, domestic and international, leaving home for the first time is an exciting transition. It's also a time of uncertainty, both for the college student and their families. Finding housing in college requires the right balance of social activity, convenience, pricing, and safety. The Bay Area is home to two of the top universities in the country (UC Berkeley and Stanford University), numerous high-quality private and State colleges. High demand for quality housing and a competitive rental market make finding off-campus housing a challenging process.


Move Bay Area's Lisa McCarrel has lived the Bay Area student life in Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco while attending local public and private colleges and has faced these challenges. Move Bay Area offers a free consultation to students and/or their parents  to answer the most pressing questions about the right college, community, and home to start college life on the right foot.


Pre-Decision Tour: Choosing the Right College, the Right Community

A pre-decision tour is designed to give students and their families insider tips and a good idea of what to expect should they choose a Bay Area community college, university, or private college. The tour will include an overview of the college campus, off-campus housing and amenities, the city center or downtown areas, and adjacent areas of interest to students. International students take this tour to discover the Bay Area's cultual offerings and services (markets, restaurants and organizations) that help them feel more at home.


Tours can be customized to a student’s individual interests and requirements. They provide crucial information families need to weigh their options and ask questions of a Bay Area native  before making a commitment. Choosing a college is a big life decision - let us help answer your questions and make the process less stressful for everyone!


Finding a Home: Student Housing

Congratulations! You’ve chosen a college in the Bay Area and now you need a place to live!


Let us take you on a guided tour of pre-screened housing options chosen with your budget and priorities in mind. We do the research, make appointments, and then escort you to as many available properties in one day as possible.   We'll be there with you throughout the process to answer questions that come up, negotiate lease terms, and, once we find the housing right for you, help set up utilities*, and do a walkthrough of your new home - complete with condition report - before you move in so your deposit is protected. 


*international students may wish to add Settling In Services





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